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South Carolina Ki Aikido strives to promote personal well-being and harmony in daily life for all its members through martial arts training, specifically Ki Development and Shinshin Toitsu Aikido as taught by Master Koichi Tohei 10th dan, Tochigi, Japan. The skills taught in Ki and Aikido are applicable to physical balance and centering, mental focus and calmness. Improving these aspects of one's life leads students to achieve their full potential in the classroom, at work, in athletics, the performing arts, and in daily life.



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South Carolina Ki Aikido Operates out of our Dojo in Greenville, South Carolina, under the guidance of Eric Harrell Sensei.  Member dojo of the Eastern Ki Federation.

Beginners Class Starting September 12,2016,5 Weeks for only $75.
Call 864-477-8838 to register.

Children's for Class Information-
Wednesday & Friday, 5 - 6 PM Children's Class-Begins September 9th, 2015

  • KIATSU RYOHO -   Ki Therapy: A way of directing Ki through touch, for healing.
Call 864-477-8838 for class information!
New Class Schedule

1014 Wade Hampton Blvd Suite 9B, Greenville, SC 29609 (click for directions.)

NOTE: Dojo is on the lower level, behind the building (not facing Wade Hampton Blvd.)



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