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CHILDREN’s Ki-Aikido

Fun While Learning!


Ki-Aikido offers children’s classes to help instill self confidence, positive attitudes, discipline and exercise all while having fun.  Classes are designed to teach students principles that will help them in their daily life. Our combination of physical activities and calming technique will assist children to excel in life. 

While training in Ki-Aikido students will gain self confidence, good mental and physical health, and improve their performance in activities such as schoolwork, sports, music, theater, and relationships with peers and parents. 

In a non-competitive environment students will learn self discipline, calmness in actions, and how to work with other children.  As they practice, this will lead to a better understanding of how their actions affect those around them and allows them to learn how to lead others in class, at home or in school. 

 Studying the techniques used in Ki-Aikido will help children capture a positive attitude without even knowing it, then apply it in other areas of their lives.  This positive attitude will be developed by respecting themselves and others, concentration, self discipline, and the need to do their best. 

We encourage our parents to be involved and help reinforce the principles taught in the dojo.  Parents are encouraged to stay and watch their children to learn how and what is taught, and then help to reinforce these principles at home, this involvement helps increase the impact of training and enforces continuous learning.  Communication with the child’s Sensei is recommended to help us understand if a child or parent has any specific needs on or off the mat. 

Some of the benefits of training:

Discipline, calmness, relaxation, focus, flexibility and balance.

Ki-Aikido:  Self defense from a different perspective!

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